Ottawa foot specialist

March 2021: We are very happy to now be offering the services of Matthew Hardy, CPed, a Certified Pedorthist.

Please call us if you’d like to book an appointment or book online. We’re currently offering custom orthotic fittings on Saturdays.

Canadian Certified Pedorthists – C. Ped (C) – are foot orthotic and orthopaedic footwear experts. They are one of the few healthcare professionals trained in the assessment of lower limb anatomy and muscle and joint function. With specialized education and training in foot orthotics and footwear, Canadian Certified Pedorthists help to alleviate pain, abnormalities and debilitating conditions of the lower limbs and feet.

Pedorthic Association of Canada

List of services

  • Gait analysis, muscle and joint function, lower limb analysis
  • Custom made orthotics

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