Ottawa custom orthotics

Custom orthotics ensure comfort and support for anyone active and frequently on their feet or anyone with foot problems. Foot problems can radiate throughout the body, affecting knees, hips, the lower back and whole body mechanics. Proper foot support is essential to avoid these issues; orthotics with a good fit can help to avoid costly therapies and  interventions caused by unnecessary pain.

Please call us if you’d like to book an appointment or book online. We’re currently offering custom orthotic fittings on Saturdays.

Fully customized orthotics

At Comfort Shoes Plus we measure, fit and special order custom orthotics. All of our custom orthotics come from Bio Orthotics Lab.

Orthotics are made by creating a positive plaster cast from the cast or impression that we take of your foot in the store. The shell of the orthotic is created by using appropriate thermoplastic. Completion of the orthotic is accomplished by the addition of suitable cushioning, top covers, modifications/additions and extension materials.

Orthotics on a budget

Aetrex iStep technology was introduced to the store in 2012. A nifty device that provides you with a custom selected solution for orthotics in seconds, the iStep represents a great step forward! This is a wonderful option for anyone unsure of whether they need custom orthotics; for less than $100 you can experience greater comfort and assess how you feel.