Ottawa custom body braces

We take custom measurements and order custom body braces of all types to meet your needs. If you need the support offered by a custom brace, please arrange an appointment. We will:

  1. Meet with you to discuss your needs and take measurements
  2. Review whether we have a brace in-store that will fully meet your needs OR place an order for a custom-made brace
  3. Once your brace arrives at the store, typically in seven to 10 business days, we invite you back for a fitting; any adjustments needed will also be addressed at this time

Donjoy body braces

Complete information about Donjoy body braces can be found on their website.

Breg body braces

There is a helpful series of instructional videos from Breg for their body braces.

The Breg website offers inspiring stories of the active lifestyles possible with the support of body braces.